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Have you ever wondered how candle companies decide on the scents they attach to their brands?

If your answer is yes, today you are in luck as we take you on a scenic drive behind the scenes on how we decide which scents to carry here at Oh D'Luxe Candle + Co. 

As most of you may know (🎶or if you don’t know, you better ask somebody🎶) I’m sorry I just had to do that) lol, ok, where was I? Yes, Oh D’Luxe candle Co was started at the end of September 2020, which was essentially the first week of Fall. Hence, it goes without saying that our introduction scents  would have been Fall themed.

After testing a bunch of scents, such as, apple, cinnamon, spices, bakery, pumpkin, lots & lots of pumpkin scents we finally decided on carrying fall foliage (which is an intoxicating blend of cedar leaves, pine , lemon & fruit), the other three with scents as their names suggest ( hopefully you didn’t notice that we were too lazy to rename the following 3 scents) pear spice, banana bread & of course there had to be a pumpkin scented candle, pumpkin soufflé.

As you may notice have noticed retail stores usually start putting out their Christmas decorations way before Thanksgiving. Like, what’s the rush? 

But not looking to be out done we launched our Winter themed candles at the ending of November. And if you were keeping up with the discourse above you would be able to surmise that we chose those more or less Christmas/holiday themed scents for this collection. The scents we chose were holiday party which is an intricate blend of evergreen & champagne accord, Winter Cabin getaway with scents of pine & smoke, Santa’s cookies with scents of cream & sweet vanilla & Peppermint bark which is mint mixed with white chocolate..yum. 

I’m positive that you have caught on by know, but just in case you haven’t,I’ll point out that seasons have a lot to do with how we went about choosing the scents that we carried since our launch.

This, however is not something unique to Oh D’Luxe Candles, as many of my fellow Chandlers ascribe to the same (idea) & also many of the industry giants.

However, we do have our year round candles that as the name suggest we plan to carry all year round. This for us is where the fun part comes in as we get to flex our “blending muscles”, if you haven’t read our blog post on fragrance blending, stop here, go read it & pick up where you left off.

As we have gotten to the part in our candle business where we are getting ready to release our “All Season” scents our studio is buzzing with excitement & oozing with a mixture of delicious scents.

Most of our current scent selections were considered because of market trends, our personal scent preferences and also feedback from our valued customers.

Albeit we may not be able to initially carry all the scents you all suggested, we plan to be here for a very long time & plan to incorporate more of your suggested  scents as time goes by. So please don’t be dishearten if your suggestions didn’t make the cut this time around.

With that been said, we have so many amazing scents in the line up for you all & can’t wait to share them with you.

Thanks so much for trusting us to bring beautiful scents into your homes.


Until then...

Be the light..



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