Self Care Sunday’s

 Ok, so I know I am already a day late for “Self Care Sunday”, but is it ever too late to talk about self care?
What is self care? I can hear you now saying to yourself “ she can’t be seriously asking that question”, but yes, yes I am! If you said “ taking care of oneself, duh”, you would be right, but it’s not just that.
“It is the practice of taking an active role in protecting one's own well-being and happiness. It's more than pampering, it's taking the time to heal from within with both inner and outward expressions of love.” In essence showing myself  that “I love me”.
Enter, Self Care Sunday...tun, tun, tun :)
I know that “Self Care Sunday” is a new thing & may sound cliche to some. But, have you ever stopped to really think what the statement really means? Yes, after you have done turning up your noses & rolling your eyes when you heard someone say “Self Care Sunday’s” or after you quickly click on someone else’s page on Instagram after reading another “Self Care Sunday” post & here I am already writing “Self Care Sunday’s over six times since I started this post.
Simply put, if self care ( going back to our definition above) means to show yourself “I love you” Self Care Sunday, is simply a day out of the week, where you take some time for yourself & yes it doesn’t have to be on a Sunday.
Way before “Self Care Sunday’s” became a thing, I would always make sure I take time out for me during or at the end of every week..mainly on the weekends. I’d sleep in, wash my hair, take myself to lunch, dinner or breakfast, get a mani/pedi, catch a movie, veg all day in front of the tv, whatever my body told me that it needed that week.
Now that I am married it is a bit more difficult to have quality me time, but still very necessary & I am happy that my husband understands that as well. Sometimes we combine our self care time or we both go off to separate parts of the house & do our own thing, his usually involves the couch & his PS4. Lol
It doesn’t matter how you choose to show yourself that “I love you” or even the day that you choose to do it on..what matters is that you “just do it”.
I’d love to hear what your self care plan looks like, so sound off in the comments. 
Until then, be the light.

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