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Ok grab your pen & note pad...here we go!
I’m just kidding, you don’t have to take notes.....unless you really want to.....I would, then again I take notes every chance I get..l’m like a sponge, I love to learn, but I digress, this is not about me or my quest for knowledge.
Have you ever walked into a department store & got suckered into trying their perfumes & one of them had such an impact on you that you just had to have it?But when you get home & smell your wrist again you wonder just what the “heck” (yes heck, my blog is PG 13, lol) you were thinking buying that scent?
Shopping online for fragrances is an even bigger challenge since you have no clue what it even smells like.
The language of fragrance just like love can be a bit daunting, so I’m here to give you a little lesson to help you become better at choosing fragrances(in person or online), ahmmmm not love as I’m still trying to figure that one out myself.
Fragrances just like us are categorized into various families for example florals, woodsy, fruity, etc, which are further sub-categorized into notes, fragrance notes. (Bond, James...never mind)
There are three classes of scent notes: top (or head) middle( or heart), and base notes. But what do these three classifications really mean? Simply put it is the amount of time it takes for a scent to be “sensed”/noticed.
So let’s delve a little more into these notes shall we...
Top Notes
Top notes, also known as the head notes, are considered the “first impression” notes. However , they don’t stick around for long since they contain light granules. Therefore when choosing a scent it is important to know what the top notes are since they will be the strongest. These notes are often considered fresh or sharp. Example of these notes are citrus, herbs or green notes.
Middle Notes
The middle, or heart notes, make up the main structure of the fragrance. These notes are considered the “personality” of the fragrance. They appear just after the short lived top notes. The middle notes are typically mellow and well-rounded for example  florals, fruits and spices.
Base Notes
Base notes are the last to appeal to our senses. They come behind the heart notes and hang around much longer than the previous two notes. They contain the largest granules & are slower to evaporate. They are typically very rich and deep and completely round out the fragrance, think sweet and musky.
Come to think of it these fragrance note categorizations are a bit like love, who would have thought that I would have given two lessons in one as my native Jamaican’s would say “killed two birds with one stone”.
Using your new found knowledge above to decode scent notes is a great way to anticipate what your new perfume or better yet your new Oh D’Luxe Candle will smell like.
To further help you with your decision we have included the scent note classification in the description portion of all our candles.
If after reading, you still have questions, please use the contact us section of our website & we would be more than welcome to provide you with more information to help narrow down your choices.
Until next time....be the light!

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