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When starting as a new Chandler( candle maker) it is easier & more cost effective to buy pre-blended fragrance oils. However, as your candle “game” & confidence increases I would recommend that you greatly consider blending your own fragrance oils “signature blends” if you will. Fragrance blending is not only fun, but it’s also a great way to distinguish your brand from others. Creating one of a kind scents that aren't available anywhere else will have your customers coming back. Not only that, you are able to  create an entirely new portfolio of fragrances.
Blending is also the perfect opportunity to get creative! Scent blends can help to improve your brand or change your brand altogether with the emergence of unique fragrance names, cute labels which all together will help you stand out from the competition.
Fragrance blending however, is not as simple as pouring fragrances, mixing & shouting “viola”! I wish! It’s a bit more complex than that but,I as mentioned before it is a fun process & as with everything, the more you do it the better you’ll get at it.
One of the basic things we need to know before we can get in to fragrance blending is: what scents blend well together . Again this will be based on trial & error and your knowledge of scent notes, remember top notes, middle notes & base notes from our  blog post entitled “ Take Notes”. If you haven’t read that one, stop right here, go read it & then come back and continue.
Paying attention to the fragrance notes is a great way to identify good scent combinations you might want to try and it also helps you to develop a nose for scents! Who would have thought?
The way the fragrance notes combine is what gives every scent its own unique profile. 
When you’re thinking about fragrance blends you would like to try, I recommend starting with fragrances that you have already used. Being equipped with that knowledge of how various scents perform regarding their cold and hot throws will help you perfect your desired blend more easily.  
The q-tip test is a simple way to test fragrances you plan to blend. Simply dip the end of one q-tip into one of your chosen fragrances & dip the end of a completely different q-tip into the other fragrance, put both q-tips into a tightly sealed jar, leave it for 10 minutes, then check it to see if the scents worked well together, by opening the jar & taking a big whiff of the combined scents.
As simple as the process is, you’ll need to play around with the amount/parts of each fragrance load depending on the scent profile that you are trying to achieve. For example if you plan to blend a woodsy scent with a fruity scent, the fruity may overpower the woodsy if you do a 50/50 blend. You may then need to do a 60/40 or  70/30 part blend in favor of the woodsy scent to arrive at your desired blend where you are able to pick up the scent notes of both fragrances.
I just did a scent blend of one I plan to release in the future & I was working on my computer close to where the baggie (I used a Ziploc bag in a pinch) was with the mixed fragrances & I kept wondering what was that amazing scent I kept smelling. Only to find out it was my signature blend. Needless to say this will be included in my upcoming line. I can't wait for you guys to smell it too!
Thanks again for coming on this amazing journey with us, we are so glad that you are here.
until then..
Be the light
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