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Re.lax (verb)


“To make or become less tense or anxious”

Reminiscent of kicking your shoes off and putting your feet up. Go a step further, light this candle & escape amidst vibrant notes of patchouli intermingling with the calming scent of vanilla topped off with just the right amount of musk. Take a load deserve it.

Top: Musk

Middle: Vanilla

Bottom: Patchouli

|Burn Time| 
This candle comes in a 9 oz reusable jar with a 40-50 hrs burn time. This candle gives the best scent throw when used in smaller spaces such as small bedrooms, bathrooms, entryways, and offices.

|Throw| Moderate

|Candle Care| 
Please visit our CANDLE CARE TIPS page for tips to properly care for your candle.