Making sense of layering Scents

Making sense of layering Scents



I know it has been a minute. Ugh! I know its so cliche, but I did quit my 9-5 only to work 24 hours a day, give or take a few hours to eat, sleep and do the other necessary stuff. lol

But I digress...yes, scent layering...

During this entrepreneurial journey, I have learned so much about scents and have not only delved  into candle making or making room sprays (air fresheners) but have also dabbled into the art of making perfumes, hand soaps and lotions. I however, choose to do the latter 3 only for personal use since they require a separate insurance and permits if I decide to sell them. Don't worry, I do plan to revisit them as soon as we get our warehouse space.

However, during my testing I keep coming across the phenom of scent layering.

I know what you are thinking.

What is scent layering?

Have you ever worn two of your favorite perfumes at the same time?

Have you ever applied one of your fragranced lotions to your skin and then complimented it with a perfume of a different scent, creating a completely new and unique scent?

If you were shaking your head up and down while reading this, then you my friend have already experienced fragrance/scent layering.

If you have never tried this before, I bet you are either thinking about which scents you can try this with or you are of the 1% who do not like fragrances. 

Just as you can layer perfumes with fragranced lotions and two or more perfume scents together to create a new scent, you can also do so with candles.

The concept of fragrance layering with perfumes and or lotions is a bit easier to understand than with candles. Especially since I just explained it. (ha) But I promise you that it is simpler than you think. Just burn two or more of your favorite candles at the same time and ta da, you just layered the scents of your candles.

You can choose to burn both candles in two separate rooms where the scents have the chance to intermingle or if the room is large enough you can burn them both at opposite ends of the same room.

Wether with perfumes or candles, when layering fragrances, choose complementary, contrasting or linear scents - whichever you most gravitate towards.

And I am forever going to say this, scents are so subjective and what appeals to me, may not appeal to you. So do not be afraid to experiment. The worst thing that can happen is that the candles don't pair well together and you have to extinguish one and continue enjoying the other and, or enjoy them both at different times. The great thing that can happen, you can surprise yourself and find a new and unique scent, just for you.

Our suggestion for layering would be  our  Fall All Year and November candles. Both these scents would create a more linear scent. I haven't layered them as yet, but I am going to do it now. I will report my findings in the comments section, so be sure to come back, check it out and let me know what scents you have been experimenting with, even if they aren't Oh D'Luxe Candles.

It was lovely catching up with you.

Until then,

Be the light

xo -O



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