"It Will All Make Scents"

  • The Nose Knows

    The nose knows! Or does it!

    We have always been able to depend on our noses to help us decipher scents, right! But what do you do when you are having a problem telling which scent is which or you can’t smell at all? And I’m not talking about loosing your sense of smell because of Covid( God forbid) or the common cold. What I’m talking about is “candle nose”. 

  • Behind the Scents

    I know it has been some time since I last posted,  but it has been a very hectic almost two months. Our business has experienced so much growth ove...
  • Pat Chou Li

    Bless you! 🤣 If you have been reading my blogs, which I hope you have, you would realize that I’m absolutely ob---sessed with blending fragrances. ...
  • Pick Me!

      Have you ever wondered how candle companies decide on the scents they attach to their brands? If your answer is yes, today you are in luck ...
  • What’s in a name?

    You can choose whatever name you wish for your candles just make sure it is not already trademarked by someone else. So, when going through the process of choosing a name, brainstorm, write them down & lastly check the ustpo.gov (United States Trade and Patent) website to make sure you can use the name without being sued.
  • Lets mix things up!

    One of the basic things we need to know before we can get in to fragrance blending is: what scents blend well together . Again this will be based on trial & error and your knowledge of scent notes, remember top notes, middle notes & base notes from our  blog post entitled “ Take Notes”. If you haven’t read that one, stop right here, go read it & then come back and continue.
  • Self Care Sunday’s

    I know that “Self Care Sunday” is a new thing & may sound cliche to some. But have you ever stopped to really think what the statement really means? Yes, after you have done turning up your noses & rolling your eyes when you heard someone say “Self Care Sunday’s” or after you quickly click on someone else’s page on Instagram after reading another “Self Care Sunday” post & here I am already writing “Self Care Sunday’s five times since I started this post.
  • Take Notes

    Have you ever walked into a department store & got suckered into trying their perfumes & one of them had such an impact on you that you just had to have it?

    But when you get home & smell your wrist again you wonder just what the “heck” (yes heck, my blog is pg 13, lol) you were thinking buying that scent?

    Shopping online for fragrances is an even bigger challenge since you have no clue what it even smells like.

  • The Cure

    If you have come here to find the cure for any one of the many diseases plaguing our land in this season, you are in the wrong place & I am sorry to have misled you.

    But since you are here, why not stick around and read to the end.

    If not “theeeee cure” what then?

  • Size Matters

    Even though we know we have created great products, we want you to get the most enjoyment out of your candles, so heres some size advice...candle size that is!

    What do you think we were referring to? No, this is not that type of blog...