What does Ozone smell Like?

I have been promising forever to do a series of blog post on scents notes, mainly the scent notes captured in our candles, what they smell like and how they translate into a candle. I finally have the time to do so, or should I say I am making the time to do so.

We are full steam ahead in all things vendor events and one of the questions that we are frequently asked  is "what is ozone?" You may be wondering why our customers are so curious about ozone. I am glad you asked, ozone is one of the fragrance note that is  in our salt and rose candle and with every potential customer who read the scent notes, I mentally prepare for that question, and it always comes, without fail.

When I was experimenting with and blending fragrances for this candle, the scent note ozone was one of the notes that jumped out at me. In my quest for knowledge and in preparation for and preempting the curiosity of my customers, I quickly did a google search to delve deeper, with the hope of  finding out, what is ozone, does it even have a smell and if so how will this smell translate as a scent in a candle?

According to Odor Free the number one sellers of ozone generators, ozone does have a very unique smell that gets stronger the higher the concentration.

So, what does Ozone smell like?According to Eco Quest, ozone is a fragrance with a clean, crisp  and fresh scent, similar to the scent that lingers after a thunder storm. The scent of ozone has been compared to the smell of an electric spark, chlorine or burning wire. Its marine character however, is reminiscent of a cool ocean breeze, and has a light green characteristic with an aquatic and crisp profile.

In a candle such as our Salt and Rose scent the ozone note plays well with the salty notes and is translated as a crisp clean almost oceanic note that marries well with the delicate notes of rose.

 We know that "smell-o-vision" is not yet a thing (but it should be) and its hard to get a sense of what the notes smell like when looking at our candles online. To help with the decision making we give a detailed scent description with every product listing. We also share our event calendar with our email subscribers at the beginning of every new month and we also do weekly reminders on our social media pages. This gives our local customers and potentially new customers a chance to smell our candles in-person and are better able to make a more "scent-informed" decision. But you say, "what about the customers who are scattered across the USA, how can they/we smell the candles before purchasing?" Our customers who have blindly purchased our products seem to be pleased with them(thank you), some have left glowing reviews and have been multiple repeat customers over the years. However, we would love to make the scent selection process easier for them also. In the past we included samples of different scents that we offer in every shipped package and we are planning on going back to that route, starting with our holiday collection, so be on the look out for that.

In closing, if you haven't had the chance to check out our salt and rose candle, give it a try HERE. It has just the right amount of floral note with a clean fresh oceanic note, you'll love it.

Until next time, take a breath and stay lit!




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Amazing article. I can’t wait to sell the Salt and Rose candle.

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