Pat Chou Li

Bless you! 🤣
If you have been reading my blogs, which I hope you have, you would realize that I’m absolutely ob---sessed with blending fragrances.
If you are new to the concept of fragrance blending go read my blog post “Let’s  mix things up”. As a matter of fact, go read all my blog post prior to this. I promise it’ll be worth it.
Now back to Pat Chou li..(bless you)
Citing “Patchouli, is an aromatic flowering plant of the mint family, the leaves of which are a source of essential oils.
Prior to the beginning of 2021 the word patchouli didn’t cross my vocabulary. However, since I learnt about it, I can’t stop obsessing over it. 
If you are not familiar with the scent patchouli don't hesitate to try it. If you are aware of it, but don't like it, don't be dissuade by the bad rap that this amazing scent gets. Most persons who are familiar with patchouli either hate it or love it, there is no middle ground. lol.
During my research most of the articles that I read mentioned that patchouli was/is widely used by hippies to mask the smell of weed and or alcohol. This maybe one of the reasons why it is not a well loved scent and or because it is a very earthy/musky scent, not something one would readily gravitate towards. Unknown to many of us, including me(prior to now) patchouli is used in many of our everyday products including detergents, cosmetics, perfumes and of course candles.
While researching blending patchouli, I realized that it was a staple ingredient in three of my favorite perfumes that I currently own and wear ever so often namely, Jimmy Choo by Jimmy Choo, Chance by Chanel (Pink ) and Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. My mind was blown and it was then I was determined to create my own signature blends using patchouli.
I have been working hard in my candle studio and currently have three signature blends that includes patchouli and bayyyyybeee, I'm in love. I can't wait for you to try them.
If you are one of those persons whose opinion of patchouli has been skewed by what you heard please give this scent a try, buy our patchouli blended candles when they drop, research your favorite perfume/cologne that you wear almost everyday, you might just be surprised to find that patchouli is a main ingredient!
until then...
Be the light..

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